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Love Groove Festival


John Tyler, is a 24-year-old multi-instrumental, artist, producer, composer and Founder of Baltimore’s Love Groove Festival. He’s released one album and two mixed tapes, and is in the process of releasing his second album “boyz NEVER cry”, with his debut film series titled “CRY LIKE A MAN”, summer of 2024. 

John has been recognized as Baltimore’s Game Changer through music & curation by Baltimore Magazine & Black Arts District. John has also been featured in NUNAR Mag, Family First Mag, BmoreArt, & New York Magazine. 

Additionally, John has composed music for brand commercials like Orioles, Under Armour, BET, and more.  In May 2023, John became a business partner with the Baltimore Orioles Baseball Team. John was tasked with performing at the pre-game show twice along with the National Anthem. John also selected all the national anthem performers along with curating a Baltimore Artist playlist that was played throughout every baseball game in 2023.

In 2017 while in high school, John founded Love Groove Festival, a Baltimore-based festival designed to showcase young performing and visual artists (ages 16-30) on a major stage and get paid. Since its founding, the Festival has expanded to an educational, music and visual arts event with major sponsorship such as T. Rowe Price, Johns Hopkins, PNC Bank, and others. To date, over 500 Baltimore emerging artists have participated, with a collaboration of 100 small businesses and 14 partner schools supporting the cause.

Love Groove Festival is another aspect of his career.  While attending high school in his junior year, John was inspired to curate a Festival where young local talent could showcase their craft, which formed the beginning of Love Groove Music Festival.  Now in its 6th Season, Love Groove Festival (as it is now entitled), has evolved into a full-blown Festival including music performances, an educational aspect, as well as showcasing opportunities for young visual artists in film, graphic design, and sculpture. The Festival is partnered with regionally-recognized Baltimore Center Stage and features sponsors such as the Black Arts District, Johns Hopkins Entrepreneurship Program, and PNC Bank. 

John has aspirations of film-scoring major films, expanding his collaborations, and mentoring young artists.